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Kenetek VTMP-2b


The Kenetek VTMP-2b is a dual channel, all tube preamplifier modeled after the Demeter VTMP-2b, but with some important differences. It was my first "from scratch" project, and the first black-face unit to wear the Kenetek brand name. I made two of them and still have the second one sitting in one of my racks. The first one is out there somewhere; I have no idea where. These are very quiet and usable units, although with less personality than some of the other pieces I have built. I've had very good luck using this unit on vocals, followed by a CLA-2A. No need for EQ if the microphone choice complemented the singer.

This design utilizes a Jensen JT-115KE input transformer and shares the custom power transformer I had designed and built especially for the CLA-2A. Each channel has a GE 5 star 5751, a 12AT7 and a 12BH7 tube.  I used polypropylene capacitors and Panasonic SU series electrolytics throughout the signal path. Gold plated connectors and tube sockets were also used throughout the unit.

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